What's Up Wednesday

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The last Wednesday of every month, Shearer, Mel and Shay host the What’s Up Wednesday link up and today I am joining in!

What We're Eating this week...
Monday...I had a horrible headache and had to work at the gym until 745 so the hubby just brought me a Subway salad.
Tuesday...we went out for dinner because this girl didn't plan well...I had a grilled chicken salad with lots of yummy veggies.
Wednesday is our date night...burger night...I will again get the grilled chicken salad (I am on a meal prep right now.) Or we may decide to eat in and I do have chicken going in the crock pot.
Thursday...we will have ground turkey with yummy veggies.
Friday....grilled shrimp with bell peppers, onions and mushrooms. 
Saturday and Sunday...don't know yet I haven't planned well this week!
What I'm Reminiscing About... 
Football and Fall...Sic' Em Bears 

I am looking forward to watching the first game this weekend! 
What I'm Loving...
My morning cardio sessions...about 10-1030 I have been going to my inlays and getting on either the elliptical or treadmill and getting in a good 30-45 minute cardio. I take a book and read and it is just ME time. :-)

What We've Been Up To...
I was busy in the kitchen this past weekend making some yummy treats for a new neighbor, friend I babysit and friend on bed rest. I made chocolate chip cookies and a new recipe called gourmet saltine crackers. So yummy!!

What I'm Dreading...
This weather it is soon hot! Is if Fall yet. I am ready to be able to run outside and enjoy sitting by the fire or cuddled up outside with a blanket enjoying a fall evening!

What I'm Working On.
September 11th I am headed to Austin to get POUND certified. It is a workout with drum sticks...I am so excited!!!
What I'm Excited About...
Have I mentioned Fall?!?

What I'm Watching/Reading...

I'm almost done with this book that last one in my August pile! :-)

What I'm Listening too....

Whatever is on the radio...I am not a big music listener expect in the car.

What I'm Wearing...

Workout clothes....lol

This fun plaid top and looking forward to wearing these two dresses when it cools down.

What I'm doing this weekend...

Watching/Listening to the Baylor game!

What I'm looking forward next month...

Celebrating my Mom's birthday.....Baylor Football continuing.... POUND certification.....putting out Fall decorations (after Labor Day)

What Else is New....

I am asking for prayers for my precious friend's baby boy. He was born this week and is blind. They have a long road ahead. I ask for prayers for his Mom Lauren, Dad Jim and brother James. His name is Jack Andrew.

He is fearfully and wonderfully made!!

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