Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today I am linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites and can I just say I am so happy it is Friday and a weekend at home. I literally think so far in 2017 I have been home one maybe two weekends.

I am so happy to say that we have purchased a house in TX and will close at the end of March!!! I am so excited for this new journey to begin. :-)

My blog over the next few months will probably be mostly about moving and the little renovations we plan to do. :-) The house is over 50 years old so it will be a fun little project.

This week was hard because I told the family I babysit for and the gym/studio I work at when my last day would be. :-( I love the little girl I nanny for and you can't beat the amazing classes at the gym I teach at.

This Saturday will be my last weekend to teach POUND in Shreveport.

I have been reading a lot this month with all the travel we have done and these books have been two of my favorites.

The weather in Shreveport has been amazing and is making me very ready for all things SPRING. My Pottery Barn catalog arrived this week and I loved all the fun Easter pieces. I just can't quite wrap my head around decorating for the holiday quite yet.

I am ready for a weekend at home...we will be celebrating my Mother in law's 60th birthday!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Quick Trip Across the POND!!!!

This past weekend by husband and I took a very quick trip across the pond from Dallas, TX to London to Sweden.

The 11th so Saturday around 12 o'clock we got to the airport in DFW and waited for our British Airways flight to London and then on to Gothenburg (Göteborg) Sweden.

Our flight left Dallas around 5 P.M. so we enjoyed lunch in the Admirals Club at the AA gate and then some time also in the British Airways club. 

Before the flight even left I finished the book I was reading... AHH!!! It was sooo good!!!

We boarded the flight and got seated for our flight to London. Thankfully hubby upgraded our tickets to first class for the 8 hour flight so we could get a little sleep. (didn't happen) I think I got about 2 hours on the 8 hour flight to London. 

Thankfully they provided some PJ's which I am wearing in the last picture, a toothbrush and I was able to carry my makeup on board so I got a fresh face before landing. 

We got to London about 7 AM and took care of getting our bag onwards to Gothenburg (Göteborg. We went into the Concord Lounge at British Airways showered, changed and went exploring in LONDON. :-)

We decided since we had about 7 hours between flights to get off and go see Windsor Castle, about a 15 minute cab ride from the airport. Thank God for UBER!!!

We returned to the airport about 130 for our 4 o'clock flight. We enjoyed lunch in the British Airways lounge and rested before heading to SWEDEN. The purpose of this trip was to get my new car!!! In September, my car was in a very bad wreck. My great-grandmother came to America via Sweden so I have always wanted to go.

We loaded the airplane and arrived in Sweden about 745ish. WOW what a long day!!! We went to the  hotel, ate dinner and quickly went to bed for the evening. 

Monday, morning bright and early a driver picked us up and we went to the Volvo factory in Sweden. We got to personally see my car for the first time, take a little test drive, enjoy lunch and then view the factory at VOLVO. I have now seen the entire process of car making and it quite neat. 

After we returned from the factory tour we explored Sweden a little bit and got a cookie press for my mom. We went to downtown Haga, Sweden for dinner and it was soooo yummy!!!

Tuesday, morning early 530 we got picked up and returned to the airport to start the long journey home!!!

It was an amazing trip and I would love to go back for longer. Thankfully I was able to sleep a lot on the way back and enjoyed an early Valentine's dinner with the hubby before hitting the hay and getting back to reality. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites


Today, I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Shay for Friday Favorites!!!

1) Did YOU see the Super Bowl??? I mean the Patriots come back was pretty specular. I am neither a Patriots or Falcons fan but I did watch the Super Bowl mainly for half time and the commercials. Speaking of half time...WOW Lady GaGa....I forgot how many of her songs I knew and her performance was pretty incredible!!!

These next two MEME's involve POUND the workout class I teach but I thought they were cute and funny!!!

2) Speaking of many of you watch This Is Us???

This week Toby experienced POUND and the week before Kate did it!!!

3) One goal I set for myself this year was giving myself more ME time...whether that means getting a mani/pedi, reading a book or just some quiet time I want to focus on what is important and in order to be happy I first need to be happy with myself and stop comparing myself to others.

Last week I read The Woman in Cabin 10 and OMG. It was a little link Girl on a Train if you have read that but it for sure kept me on my toes. I didn't really care for the ending (spoiler alert).

This week I have been reading It Ends with Us...OMG this may be my book for 2017. I haven't read something since Girl on The Train that I just couldn't really put down. This book is sooo fact after I finish this post I am going to read. :-)

4) Tomorrow, my husband and I leave for Sweden and I can't wait to finally pick up and get to drive my VOLVO. We will arrive in London, Sunday AM and I am hoping we can shower real quick, change, grab a cab and go see Windsor Castle before we have to board our flight to Gothenburg, Sweden. :-)

5) I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day with your family, friends and significant others!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday

Today I am linking up with Shay from Mix and Match Mama and Erika from The Slaughers for Workin' It's topic is working on your marriage.

1) I believe the number 1 most important thing that my husband and I do on a weekly basis is date night....We have Friday night date nights at a restaurant and are able to enjoy ourselves and just talk about any and everything going on in life. It is an evening where we most dress up and look nice for each other. I believe it is important in a relationship to remember how you felt when you went on your very first date. What gave you butterflies? What made you want to see the person again?

P.S. the very first time we meet was in a Mall in Waco, TX....We had been talking on instant messenger (the good ole' days of AOL instant messenger) and I was coming into town that weekend to visit Baylor and meet him in person for the first time.

2) TIME....My husband and I crave out time for each other daily. We have dinner together typically 5-6 nights a week. If we aren't having dinner together it is because I am having a GNO, he is with the guys or there is a work commitment. My parents made sure no matter what growing up as a kid we always had dinner together at the kitchen table. There was no eating on the couch, or grabbing something out of the fridge, or fast food. Dinner time was our time (family time) and important. I am thankful that my husband grew up very much the same way and that we do enjoy cooking together and sitting down to eat. Sometimes it is fast and rushed because he has a work commitment but he does crave out time for me.

3) husband and I have been married for 8 years. I will be 100 percent honest the first 5 were tough. We didn't communicate well. We are both LEOS...ahhh....and both can be very selfish and believe we are RIGHT.

It is important to Communicate about everything from laundry to the trash and the big things like bills, car notes, etc.

Communication can make or break you!!!