Friday Favorties

by - Friday, August 19, 2016

I am linking up today with 3 fabulous Moms for Friday Favorites!!!

1) The cooler temperatures we have been having this week! It has been raining a lot but it has really cooled things off. I am excited for a night out tonight so I can wear some booties.

2) Let's face it since I am not working this year in a school setting it has been workout clothes every day for me. I love feeling comfy and with this yucky weather I just want to stay in bed all day. 
My favorite brand of workout clothes are the Zella live in leggings. Thank you Sheaffer for introducing me to this brand of workout clothes. 

They do come in fun patterns also!!

3) This was a great week at work (I work at a gym) part time. We had 80s day for my Boss' birthday and did 80s celeb barre. We got to dance to Footloose and some great 80s music! I love my job, getting to workout and have fun at the same time!!!

4) It has been a super crazy week and I am ready to relax this weekend!! I do have to work Saturday and we have a birthday party for a friend's little boy. But otherwise I am looking forward to sleeping in and catching up on laundry and house chores.

5) Please pray for Louisiana the rain down South is finally starting to let up and people are able to return to their homes but their will be a lot of rebuilding in the future days ahead.

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