Show and Tell Tuesday

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Today I am linking up with MomFessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday...Advice to my High School self!!!

1) Friends---you think you can't live without them. In all honesty most of your high school friends won't remain your friends after high school. Sure you will tell each other happy birthday, keep up with each other on social media, and go to each others weddings and baby showers. However, most of the friends you had in High School were friends just for that part of life.

2) Listen to your parents. My dad used to spy on my and my boyfriends. I remember him one night catching me kissing my boyfriend in the back seat of his Jeep. LOL. I have a picture of him standing in the window the night of my prom. You don't have to do everything your friends do. You don't have to go to that party, smoke, or lose your virginity. Be true to who you are.

3) you not always have to have a boyfriend. From Freshmen year to Senior year I dated 10 guys today. 3 freshmen year, 3 sophomore year, 3 junior year and 1 my Senior year. Do I talk to any of these guys today? NO (one 1 or 2).....One of them in married to a high school friend and the other is a really good friend. We talk every couple of month. You won't marry your high school sweetheart, be apart of the Army life and have 2-3 kids with him. (Thank you Jesus)!!!

4) Take pictures...I wish I had more pictures from high school. I have pictures of almost every football game but not pictures of me really with just friends or boyfriends doing everyday life. Wait my life was football games and cheerleading.

5) Your social life isn't everything!!! Focus on your classes and getting into College!!! Yes, I took Pre-Ap and AP classes. However, I didn't pass any of the AP tests so I got no college credit and I regret that. Pay attention in class it will help you in College!

What advice would you give your High School self?

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