November TO-DO List

by - Wednesday, November 02, 2016

I can't believe it is already November 2nd. In just 3 short weeks we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and 8 weeks Christmas.

I may or may not have listened to some Christmas music today. :-)

I am the QUEEN Bee of to do lists...I just work better when I have one. I like to write down long term goals in one place and day to day goals in another. I find when I have it actually physically written down I do better vs using the Notes section of my iPhone.

On my to-list

Finish Christmas shopping!!! I would like to be done by Thanksgiving!

Make Christmas card list and buy Christmas cards...still trying to decide on a design. I am using this picture from our trip to Alaska.

Order gifts for our neighbors and hubby's business friends and families.
Plan trip to Sweden and Disney World. I want to lock down the dates we are traveling and arrange airline tickets before the New Year.
I plan to enjoy Thanksgiving and not put out any Christmas decorations until after we return home from the holiday with my family.
I would like to find more time this holiday season to just enjoy family and friends and live in the moment.
I am enjoying teaching Pound, being a Stella and Dot rep and trying to decide if we are staying in Shreveport or moving closer to my family. 

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