Making my List...Checking it Twice

by - Thursday, November 17, 2016

I'm making my list and checking it TWICE! What list you ask...well I am the girl that runs on TO-DO lists. I make a list for everything. I make a list for cleaning house, grocery store, errands I need to run, etc. God Bless me when I have children.

This weekend is super busy and I know the holiday season is going to get even more busy after this weekend.

Friday evening, we have an event for Le Boutique de Noel. I consider this event to truly kick off the holiday season and is something I look forward to going to each year. This year the theme is the great outdoors. It is similar to a Jr. League Christmas show if you have those in your area. There are lots of vendors selling items ranging from clothes and jewelry, to holiday items and things for you home.


I only have 2 people on my list left to buy for!!! Thankfully I knocked out most of my shopping early this year. When I am home for Thanksgiving I plan to get these last few items.


I am hoping to find a dress next weekend when we go to Dallas. I have tried on several very pretty things but I haven't found the perfect dress yet.


I LOVE to drive around and look at Christmas lights. Give me some hot cocca, my pajamas and Christmas music and I am one happy girl. As a child I remember driving around and looking at them on Christmas Eve after we opened presents at my grandparents and went to church. We don't personally put outside lights on our house but may in the future.


I need to make/order/purchase gifts for these people on my list. In years past, I have baked cookies and various other things. When we lived in our old neighborhood all of our neighbors would drop little presents on our front porch. These ranged from soaps, to food, to tea towels and the link. What gift do you like to give to neighbors/co-workers, etc.?


I am making my Christmas card list and checking it twice. I plan to order my Christmas cards the week of Thanksgiving and have them in the mail the first week of December. :-)


During December, my TV is pretty much turned to ABC family every night watching a Christmas movie. I also love all the Hallmark holiday movies. I love the Grinch, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, and probably my favorite A CHRISTMAS STORY. I love that they play this movie on repeat Christmas Eve. At some point during that day we all sit as a family and watch bits and pieces of it.


My tree and all my Christmas decorations will not go up until after Thanksgiving!!! I typically decorate the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I like to enjoy my Fall decorations as long as I can. However, I have to say my real pumpkins are starting to look a little weak. :-(

I would love to go to the Gaylord in Dallas on year and see ICE. I have heard it is simply amazing and would love to go one year.
Christmas Devotional...I am looking this year for a Christmas devotional book. I have been going through Jesus Calling and love it.
Ice Skating...during the holidays. Years ago (middle school) I used to ice skate weekly. I even took lessons at one point. In my home town there used to be a hockey team and after the games you could stay and ice skate. I would love to go either to Dallas and skate at the Galleria or go skate after one of the Mudbugs games (our local hockey team.)

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