November Book Review

by - Sunday, November 27, 2016

I truly should have been a Disney character and I would have chosen to be Belle!!! I loved this movie growing up and have always loved the smell of a fresh new book.

I haven't truly been reading that much lately, but I did read 2 books this month that were very good that I wanted to share!!!

I read Chip and JoJo's book The Magnolia Story. I loved that is was told from both of their points of view. It was very interesting to learn all about Magnolia Homes and her store and their rough beginnings. I went to Baylor before Fixer Upper was aired and now I look back and think wow they owned those apartments or WOW look at how they truly have changed Waco. I love how genuine and down to earth they truly are and this showed throughout their story.

I also read Nicholas Spark's new book Two by Two. I have read the majority of Sparks books and always LOVE them. Without giving too much away I will say I cried at the end of this story.

I am hoping to read a lot more in December, but also know this book will be at the top of my list. I decided this weekend I am going to take the GRE and start thinking more about getting my masters degree!!

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