Friday Favorites

by - Saturday, November 12, 2016

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites!!! :-)

Favorite Number 1

I am heading to see my parents in Killeen, TX this weekend and am looking forward to a weekend of being loved on by my Momma and Daddy!!! I truly am a Momma's girl but love my daddy so.

Favorite Number 2

The Magnolia Story...I just finished reading this book this week and loved every minute of it. It was so neat to hear their story and how they got their start and why they have such a successful business today.

I also currently have this on my night stand and have been reading it. I love anything by Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite Number 3

The election is finally over. I am very thankful that my Instagram and Facebook feed along with TV are no longer about Trump and Clinton.

Favorite Number 4
This weekend I am looking and praying, and hoping and dreaming to find a dress to an upcoming event.

Here are some of my current favorites...

Favorite Number 5....

There are less than 80 days until CHRISTMAS!!! Looking for some ideas....let me help you!!!

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