Let's Chit Chat-Entertainment

by - Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Today I am linking up with Andrea for a Monthly Chit Chat.... Today's edition is Entertainment.

I don't watch a ton of TV however, I do have my favorites I record weekly and I do love some good ole' reality TV!!

I am so excited that Grey's Anatomy is back... I enjoy watching it after I work at the gym on Thursday evening's. I watched at the beginning for years and years in college and then stopped for a bit. I have however, caught up on Netflix. I am so sad that many of the main characters are no longer on the show. I however, do love Grey and of course Miranda.

Another show I have recorded and tend to watch on weekends to catch up is Real Housewifes of Orange County. I love Tamara and Heather. I am glad Vicky is finally done with Brooks.

What I have been reading...I plan to do a September recap soon but currently I am reading Monsters in the Dark. It is a 3 part book series. Very similar to 50 Shades of Grey. However, he takes women who have been taken or sold into trafficking and helps them to come out of those situations and return to their families and loved ones. He never has a relationship with any of them until a particular one arrives.

What I have been listening too...the songs for my new workout program on REPEAT. I start teaching next Friday the 7th of October. I am very excited but nervous also.  I love the workout because it truly is a full body workout and am hoping the classes will be well attended.

The songs are pretty common songs you hear on the radio today...so every time I hear them now I start thinking of the workout in my head. :-)

Hope everyone is having a good week...I am still recovering from my accident on Sunday and taking it pretty easy.

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