Weekend Recap-Happy Halloween

by - Monday, October 31, 2016

WHEW what a weekend!!! It was quite a busy one!!

Thursday afternoon...ATT is installing UVERSE line in our neighborhood. Don't ask me what that really is because I have no clue. However, they hit the water line and we didn't have water from Thursday at 4:30ish PM until Friday AM about 7.

My Friday (I consider Friday the start to the weekend) started bright and early! I babysit for a friend who lives down the street. I go to her house from 430-630 3 days a week for 2 weeks on and then 2 weeks off.

She has an adorable 2 year old and a little one about 14 weeks old. She is a Camp Gladiator fitness instructor and teaches early morning workouts.

After she came home, I quickly checked to see if the water was working. WOOHOO it was back on so I took a quick shower before work.

This particular Friday I taught my POUND class twice once at 9 and then again at noon. I am truly loving the workout and how amazing I feel from it. It truly is a full body workout.

After work I came home and started preparing for my little Stella and Dot get together. I finished cleaning house and tidying up and then got ready to PARTY.

I had a few friends stop by after work for some wine and cheese and cookies.

Long story...taking the cookies out of the oven I burned myself and OUCH it hurts!!!

Friday is my hubby and I's date night! A friend called and asked if we wanted to grab drinks. We joined him at Bella Fresca Bistro and had drinks and dinner together.

Saturday I worked from 730 until about 11.

I came home and rested a little before my favorite Jr. League event of the year. Jr. League kitchen tour is always the last weekend in October. They have about 6-8 houses on the tour. Some are new construction, some are remodels and some are houses for sale or League member houses.


They have a brunch at Kitchen and Bath Cottage in town and also a happy hour here. You can buy raffle tickets for 10 dollars and this year I WON a Magnolia Homes rug. I am so excited because I just love Chip and Jo Jo!

Saturday after the Kitchen Tour I decided to stop at our local favorite place to eat for a drink and to watch the end of the Baylor vs Texas game.

Sadly my Baylor Bears lost by 1 point. However, I wasn't too upset because my mom went to the University of Texas and I do like the Horns also.

Our friend who joined us for dinner Friday evening, stopped in also for a drink after work and we decided to again do dinner together. This time we went to the real Bella Fresca which is a little more upscale. I had a very yummy chicken breast with risotto and then we went to Superior Steakhouse for a yummy dessert!

Sunday was pretty low key....I grocery shopped, went to Barnes and Noble and watched the Cubs game with my hubby!

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