Days 4-6 Cruise

by - Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day 4...last day at SEA!!!

I was very excited for this day to start but then looked outside and saw it was very overcast and rain was predicted for the day. Which meant I couldn't lay out. After being at SEA for 2 days I was ready for some sunshine. Believe me we find it when we get to the first island we visit. :-)

I once again enjoyed a yummy breakfast in the room and then went to workout.

We enjoyed lunch and dinner in Luminae and just relaxed. However at dinner I got a little sea sick. :-(

TIP- If sea sick eat an apple with some salt. Our waiter at dinner shared this tip with my husband and I quickly felt much better.

Day 5- LAND HO

Today we visited the island of St. Maarten.

TIP- If first time visitor to this island going to the airport is really cool. You can lay out on the beach and watch airplanes literally almost land on top of you. It is really neat!!

I enjoyed lunch in the suite and then around noon we got out and enjoyed the island. I needed a new pair of sunglasses so that was our purpose for today.

I got a great pair and have really been enjoying wearing them. I am sure they will show up in my pictures soon.

My father in law told us about a great store that sells men's dress shirts. My father loves Robert Graham shirts so we knew we needed to stop by. Needless to say his Christmas gift and my father in laws are taken care of!!!

We came back on board and enjoyed lunch before catching some sun onboard. It was very very hot this day.

This particular day we enjoyed lunch on board at the buffet. I learned now you can get a piece of grilled chicken, salmon, steak or a pork chop. They prepare it fresh they way you ask. I had a piece of salmon that was very yummy.

After dinner we went up to a bar on the top neck and enjoyed the Love and Marriage game show. They do this game type show on every boat I have ever been on. They choose 3 married the shortest amount of time, one married between 20-30 years and one married over 50. They ask the men (without the women) in the room a variety of questions. Then they bring the women back in the room and compare answers. Then they ask the women (without the men) a series of questions and compare answers when they return to room. It is always funny to see how their answers compare. They ask silly questions such as where was your first date, the best place you ever enjoyed your spouse, and other questions.


Sadly the last day of the trip before we head home.

In St. Thomas we really like to walk around and just shop. The last time we were here in March my dad got a watch. We always enjoy lunch at the same restaurant and either get a Mahi Mahi or Salmon fish sandwich. They also have very good drinks.

After we filled our bellies we walked around and shopped some more. The hubby spoiled me and got me this necklace. I am looking forward to wearing it to an upcoming formal event at Christmas time.

After getting back on board we started packing our bags to return home sadly. :-(  We enjoyed pre dinner drinks in Michael's and dinner in Luminae. We said goodbye to those crew members we had grown to enjoy this trip and went to bed.

It was an amazing trip and look forward to sailing again soon.

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