New York to San Juan Days 1-3

by - Monday, October 24, 2016

On Sunday (the 16th) we departed on a 6 day Celebrity Summit cruise. It was a repositioning cruise so the first 3 days we were at sea. I am going to share some of the highlights from each day....these were very nice relaxing days.

Day 1

We left our hotel in NYC about 12 and headed for the port in Cape Town, New Jersey. I was very thankful for our UBER driver because traffic in New York and Jersey is crazy. It took about an hour and a half because traffic was so packed until we went through the tunnel.

Random fact I learned...In New Jersey you cannot pump you own gas. This reminded me of my sweet grandmother. She never learned to pump her own gas.

We got on board the ship about 2 in the afternoon. We went to the room and set down our carry on items and then went to eat in Luminae the suite dining room for guests.

This dining room is for suite only guests and the menu is simply amazing. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner here on sea days. On non sea days they serve dinner here. You can make a reservation through your butler or yourself. When my parents joined us on board in March they really enjoyed eating in here. They feel in love with the food and our sweet waiter Bojan. Sadly, he wasn't on board this time.

After lunch we went back to the room and thankfully had our bags to begin unpacking. We unpacked and just relaxed until it was time to meet on the helipad for us to leave port.

On some cruise lines you can go to the helipad area at any time. On this particular ship you cannot go to the helipad unless you have a crew member take you.

We joined the other suite guests and left port. This was such a neat experience however, I wish I had thought to bring sunglasses and also it was very, very windy!!!

We explored the boat a little...this is our third time on board this particular ship and then went to dinner in Luminae.

We also enjoyed the show our first evening on was a mixture of a comedy and singer. The shows onboard are really neat. They typically have a comedian or singer, then one or two dance shows and a magic show which is really neat.

Fact some people do not take or go on a cruise ship!!!! It is not a boat. On a ship you have life boats on a boat you do not have life ships.

Day 2

Day at SEA....on these particular days they have tons of activities onboard the ship. You can play BINGO, there are movies on board, shopping in little boutiques (clothing, jewelry, liquor, etc.) and you can always enjoy the pool. Since, we left out of New Jersey this particular day was a bit chilly and windy so we just enjoyed sleeping in and relaxing.

I enjoyed breakfast in Michael's this particular morning. This was new this trip. Michael's is a little place onboard for suite guests. They have either a piano player or singer each evening and you can enjoy lite appetizers before dinner and drinks. All drinks are free in this particular spot.

TIP- If you decide to cruise the beverage packages are worth it. They have different beverage packages. However, if you don't have a package you will pay for soft drinks and any other drinks you enjoy. We get the package because we enjoy soft drinks in particular my husband, drinks before dinner and large bottles of water for when in port.

For lunch we enjoyed this particular restaurant at lunch they have appetizers, an entrée and bread every meal.

Before dinner we had the opportunity to meet the captain in a more intimate personal setting along with several of the higher ranking officers on board. This particular voyage we had a woman captain!!! She took pictures with everyone and we got it as a keepsake.

TIP---They take pictures everywhere on board!!! They are very expensive to purchase!!

We enjoyed dinner in Luminae this evening. We eat there each evening! :-) I will talk about other places to eat on board later.

Day 3

Second day at SEA....

This morning I enjoyed breakfast in our omelet with bacon, orange juice and coffee.

I enjoyed a run on the treadmill in the gym. The cruise does offer workout classes but they cost money. I enjoy going and getting on the treadmill or elliptical because the gym is at the front of the boat and you have an amazing view.

We enjoyed lunch in Luminae again and then tried to lay out about 230. However, it was super windy out and I got chilly so I only lasted about 45 minutes.

That evening we enjoyed before dinner drinks in Michael's and went to dinner in Luminae. I this particular night had to call it an early evening because I got a little sea sick. :-(

Stay tuned for days 4-6 coming up on Tuesday!!! 

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