Some Assembly Required

by - Tuesday, June 13, 2017

In March, we officially moved to TEXAS and bought our first mid-century modern house.

We have been getting used to being back in Texas, new jobs, commuting back and forth (for the hubby) and trying to decorate the space.

Last week I went to Austin to West fact West Elm is part of the Pottery Barn and William Sonoma family.
We decided to first decorate our bedroom....which meant we needed 2 nightstands, lamps, a dresser and a bed frame. Artwork will come later....
These are pictures from the website of the nightstands and dresser we decided on. I was able to bring home with me the nightstands and lamps and the dresser and bed will be delivered on Saturday.

The room still isn't fully put together but I am loving the lamps and nightstands and putting the room together to make it feel like home.

This picture was taken late at night when I got it all put together...:-)

More to come later...I am hosting my first event at the house for Father's Day.

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