What's Up Wednesday

by - Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Today I am linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel for What's Up Wednesday and answering these questions....

What We're Eating this Week...well in about 7 weeks the hubby and I are going to Disney World. I want to look lean and toned in my shorts and my swimsuit so I have been on my meal prep. I have 5 small meals a day that include protein (talipia, shrimp, chicken or turkey), rice and lots of veggies. I try to prepare all my food in advance so I am prepared for the week.

My favorite meal on my prep is always BREAKFAST. This week I get oatmeal with berries, Greek yogurt and honey!! YUMMY

What I'm reminiscing about...I am wishing I was on SPRING BREAK!! I used to be a school teacher and would enjoy the week either skiing or on a cruise.

What I'm Loving...

The warmer temperatures....I am loving it is cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. I have been enjoying wearing dresses and my favorite new GITA earrings from the Stella and Dot line.

What We've Been up to...packing and moving. I am in TX now...I also got my new car this week!!

What I'm Dreading...UNPACKING. We are closing on a house Friday and getting everything moved and settled will be a task. Boxes, boxes and more boxes.

What I'm Working On...I have started a new job and that is keeping me very busy. I am working with my father now and learning the business...more details later.

What I'm Excited About...

TEXAS!!! I love all the bluebonnets I see daily. I also am excited about the launch of Stella's Summer line there are so great new fun pieces!!

What I'm Waching/Reading

Grey's and Scandal

What I'm Listening To..

What every is on the radio and the Trolls and Sing soundtracks while running. :-)

What I'm wearing...

lots of dresses and fun new SPRING things. :-)

What I'm doing this weekend...

Closing on my house in TX and having a date night with the hubby!

What I'm looking forward to next month...


What else is new....

Just busy, busy, busy trying to manage moving, a new house and a new JOB.

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