2016 in Review

by - Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WHEW it is hard to believe that 2016 is almost over. This has been a rough year for me so I am looking forward to 2017 and experiencing all the comes with a brand new year.

I wanted to take the time to highlight some of my favorite things from 2016. When we were on our New Year's cruise last year I opened my notes app and started a list of all the fun things we did so that I could look back and remember. I am so glad I did this. I can truly look back and remember the good and the not soooo good.


On New Year's Day we were in Puerto Valleta and we zip lined. This was truly a different experience and I wish I had pictures to show but they wouldn't allow cameras on the trip. Let's just say that we took a boat, a SUV type vehicle and rode a donkey all before we ever zip lined. We not only zip lined but we repelled down a water fall and rode water slides on this adventure.

January 2nd we were in Cabo San Lucas and went whale watching with my inlaws and brother in law.

January 24th I ran a half marathon in the Dallas area with my friend Deidre. My plan was 2016 was 2016 miles sadly I fell off the bandwagon and didn't get many miles.


February 5-9 we spend in Vail, CO hitting the slopes. I am happy to say that after many hours of PT and 2 ACL surgeries I am back skiing the black slopes. While in Vail we watched the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl. It was so fun to be in Colorado and see the Broncos win!!!


At the end of February I left my job teaching for some personal reasons. (the beginning of a rough year)


March 20th I ran the Rock and Roll half marathon in Dallas, TX

March 25- April 2nd I went on a Celebrity Cruise with my parents. This is the first time I have cruised with my parents and the first time my husband, parents and I went on a trip together since my 21st birthday.

We visited a fort in San Juan and St. Kitts and enjoyed Dominica, St. Marten and St. Thomas also.


April 15 we went to Cotillion which is a big social event here.

April 22nd we saw Carrie Underwood in concert


May was a slow month, but my mom was re-elected to our local school board for another 3 years.


June 10-17 we spend on an Alaskan cruise with my inlaws and brother in law
We started our journey in Seattle and visited the Space Needle.

We hiked a glacier in Juneau (lost a camera), went dog sledding in Sagway and also visited Victoria in Canada.

??? Happy 4th of July


I turned 30!!!


I got POUND certified in Austin, TX and started teaching a local gym.


8 year anniversary and cruise from New York to San Juan


Happy Thanksgiving


Merry Christmas!!!

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