Gift Ideas for Men

by - Thursday, December 08, 2016

Today, I am sharing some of my favorite gifts to give the men in your life. I find my father in law, brother in law, dad and husband can we hard to shop for!!! Why you ask? Because, if they want something they go buy it themselves.

My husband recently bought some Bose Headphones for travel. The particular pair he bought for he and I are noise cancelling and quite pricey but great for a traveler or techy man in your life! They come in both black and silver. We recently used them on our trip to New York and they were amazing. My husband uses them when I practice my POUND workout at home and they block out all noise!!! We bought our pairs on Amazon but you can find them at Best Buy also.

Have a fitness guru in your life or someone who wants to see how active a lifestyle they lead?! I suggest a FITBIT. I particularly love the one that shows you time, steps and heart rate. My mom started the FITBIT craze in our family and since then my husband, I and my mother in law have bought them. I love wearing mine daily and that I can track my workouts and sleep also.  Bonus you can buy different color bands so you can fit them to your personality.

Every year, I purchase a pair of PJ pants for my father in law. He enjoys the POLO brand but one year I did get him some Baylor pj pants. They are so soft and warm and stand up through the wash. These are especially great for the holidays because it is colder.

YETI CUPS!!! Need I say more?! These make great gifts for the men in your life. My dad and husband both have one that they drink out of daily. Yes you have to hand wash them but it truly isn't that bad and I guarantee that if you need to drink more water then you need a YETI cup. It will keep your ice for about a day and a half. I personally love really cold water.

Northface Jackets...My husband has about 10 jackets I kid you not! However, he really loves the NorthFace brand. In 8 years of marriage I have had 4 Northface jackets. I have a rain coat, a light weight jacket and a fluffy jacket currently.

These are great for when the weather gets cold and you need a light layer on or for when a restaurant is cool. They hold up and wash well also. Yes you can wash them in your washer!!

Hopefully you get some good ideas and can cross off some shopping items on your list!!! Merry Christmas!!! 

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