A Quick Trip Across the POND!!!!

by - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This past weekend by husband and I took a very quick trip across the pond from Dallas, TX to London to Sweden.

The 11th so Saturday around 12 o'clock we got to the airport in DFW and waited for our British Airways flight to London and then on to Gothenburg (Göteborg) Sweden.

Our flight left Dallas around 5 P.M. so we enjoyed lunch in the Admirals Club at the AA gate and then some time also in the British Airways club. 

Before the flight even left I finished the book I was reading... AHH!!! It was sooo good!!!

We boarded the flight and got seated for our flight to London. Thankfully hubby upgraded our tickets to first class for the 8 hour flight so we could get a little sleep. (didn't happen) I think I got about 2 hours on the 8 hour flight to London. 

Thankfully they provided some PJ's which I am wearing in the last picture, a toothbrush and I was able to carry my makeup on board so I got a fresh face before landing. 

We got to London about 7 AM and took care of getting our bag onwards to Gothenburg (Göteborg. We went into the Concord Lounge at British Airways showered, changed and went exploring in LONDON. :-)

We decided since we had about 7 hours between flights to get off and go see Windsor Castle, about a 15 minute cab ride from the airport. Thank God for UBER!!!

We returned to the airport about 130 for our 4 o'clock flight. We enjoyed lunch in the British Airways lounge and rested before heading to SWEDEN. The purpose of this trip was to get my new car!!! In September, my car was in a very bad wreck. My great-grandmother came to America via Sweden so I have always wanted to go.

We loaded the airplane and arrived in Sweden about 745ish. WOW what a long day!!! We went to the  hotel, ate dinner and quickly went to bed for the evening. 

Monday, morning bright and early a driver picked us up and we went to the Volvo factory in Sweden. We got to personally see my car for the first time, take a little test drive, enjoy lunch and then view the factory at VOLVO. I have now seen the entire process of car making and it quite neat. 

After we returned from the factory tour we explored Sweden a little bit and got a cookie press for my mom. We went to downtown Haga, Sweden for dinner and it was soooo yummy!!!

Tuesday, morning early 530 we got picked up and returned to the airport to start the long journey home!!!

It was an amazing trip and I would love to go back for longer. Thankfully I was able to sleep a lot on the way back and enjoyed an early Valentine's dinner with the hubby before hitting the hay and getting back to reality. 

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