Life Lately...Meal Planning

by - Monday, January 23, 2017

I have several friends that have asked so I thought I would let you into a little version of my meal prep Monday.

I have an eating plan that changes weekly from my trainer.

However, typically for breakfast I have greek yogurt, egg whites or oatmeal. I can add fruit, granola and honey or make an omelet with veggies when having egg whites.

I love all fruit especially berries...give me all the blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries and I am a happy girl.

This is my favorite brand of granola right has tiny pieces of chocolate and coconut.

I have 5 meals a day...for the next 4 I have 2 ounces of meat at each meal. I can have ground turkey, talapia, chicken or shrimp. 

When I have ground turkey I love to make a taco salad. At each meal I can have veggies or salad. I like to make a turkey taco salad with veggies, lettuce, tomato, salsa and cheese. When I cook my ground turkey I add garlic powder and onion powder for my seasoning. 

With my chicken I love to put BBQ sauce in the crockpot and add my frozen chicken. 6 hours on low or 4 hours on high. This is a quick easy meal that I can eat on all week.

With talapia I love to use SLAP YOUR MAMA seasoning or Seafood Seasoning. 

I love to either cook my shrimp with seafood seasoning or use cocktail sauce.

My meals are all super simple and easy to prepare.

For sides I always have either my veggies and salad, or jasmine rice, boiled eggs, or sweet potatoes. It is important for my meals to change weekly so I will add in different veggies...ranging from spaghetti squash to asparagus, brussel sprouts, carrots. etc. 

Change it up and make it FUN! 

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